By linking science with industrial reality, we mean to pick-up research level technologies and bring them to a commercial standard. Thinking out of the box and cleverly adapting available components can lead to surprisingly efficient solutions. Sensor prototyping, advanced flow visualization, and image processing is where we feel at home.

For your specific thermodynamic and fluid measurement task we adapt or develop from scratch the ideal sensor technology. This can be in the form of a prototype for development or a turnkey system for routine measurements.


Although we develop the technology on our own, we prefer to work in close cooperation with potential end users. Only where creativity and know-how meets the industrial reality can the kind of fruitful climate develop from which new and good solutions originate. Together we will look into all available options and a wide range of solutions,

run some tests in the lab, and provide a solid basis in which to assess the potential of the selected technology. At the end, we put together the complete system including sensors, data acquisition system, and post-processing, either for lab testing at your site or as a turnkey system for routine measurements.


With our excellent relations with research institutions we can pick up research-level technologies and deploy them for a specific application or bring them to a commercial level. Our background allows us to quickly identify the potential and risk of a technology. We can build you benchtop verification setups to demonstrate the approach. We then decide together with you if it fits your application. Because we understand the fluid dynamics in which the sensor has to work, we know exactly what measurement performance is required.

Sensors become smart: Low-power wireless technology and miniaturized sensors can be combined to become a new generation of intelligent and cost-effective sensor systems with unprecedented capabilities. The sensors can now be placed within a product container or move with a part of the machinery, providing invaluable insights into the process. We build a prototype to evaluate the potential of smart sensor technology for your specific application.

  • Novel sensor concepts
  • Advanced image processing
  • Wireless sensor solutions
  • Customized sensor development


We have developed a number of innovative sensor solutions together with partners from industry and university. We look forward to discussing the possibilities for your specific application and are happy to arrange for demonstration measurement at your site.

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