Our engineering services are based on a strong background and know how in system modelling, optimization and data analytics using digital methods and tools

We are an experienced team of development engineers, data-scientists and product managers. Data driven methods are the logical consequence of our work as engineers. The increasing availability of data down to a component level provides new opportunities for system monitoring and prediction but to us its evident: you can not ignore physics!


streamwise’s background is in fluid dynamics and heat transfer

Crucial although not always obvious, fluid dynamics and heat transfer processes govern the performance of most technical systems. Most of our staffs stems from these fields so we naturally provide many years of experience to master this particularly difficult area. We have a strong background in fluid and thermodynamic measurement methods such as optical methods and flow sensors in general. At the same time we are used to apply state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics methods to optimized you particular technical system.



Andrin Landolt

Dr. sc. ETH | Partner

Sensor development & application | Data acquisition | Experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics | Imaging measurement techniques

Benjamin Rembold

Dr. sc. techn. ETH | Partner

Data analysis | Model generation and validation | Machine learning | Data processing & visualization | Numerical and theoretical fluid dynamics