Probe Capture (ProCap) is a new and unique tool for flow visualization and measurement that combines the intuitive and simple handling of a smoke probe with the data content and quality of a 3D-point measurement scan.

The region of interest is manually scanned by the operator using a hand-held probe while the system records the measurement data, optically tracks the probe’s instantaneous position and processes and visualizes the flow field in real-time. This human-based scanning approach is very efficient as in regions of large gradients the scanning is refined and no machine-teaching even for complex geometries is necessary. The measured 3D data is accessible in real-time, typically on a large screen or projected to a wall with good visibility during testing. For later analysis, the data is also available offline using either the ProCap software or standard CFD visualization and analysis tools.

The core of the system is the ProCap software that collects, processes and displays the data and handles the communication between the components. The software manages:

  • Communication and timing of data acquisition hardware (DAQ box) and tracking system
  • Data conversion with probe calibration, spatial interpolation, storage and import/export
  • Import and display of model geometry
  • Real-time visualization of flow field and model geometry

Build around the ProCap software which comes pre-installed on a powerful laptop, the system includes a dedicated DAQ hardware that collects the probe data and a probe head complete with markers, connection cable and mounting hardware. If available, optical tracking can be achieved by a suitable existing camera system but ProCap is also offered as a complete tracking system. An overview of the entire setup is shown below.


Drastic speed-up of the aerodynamic optimization process

  • Immediate access to flow topology
  • Data-based decision making
  • Documented development steps
  • Cross-validation with CFD

Real-time 3D flow visualization system

  • Quantitativeflow measurements
  • Optical tracking of hand-held probes
  • 5-hole and 14-hole probes
  • Sensor options for different speed ranges available
  • Measurement on complex model geometries and athletes possible
  • Exportable and post-processable interpolated 3D measurement data

Information and news

  • Find out more about the system:

    ProCap System Description


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