ProCap paper on the “EERA DeepWind R&D conference”

Validation measurements of ProCap for Windturbines

In a joint paper with NTNU on the EERA DeepWind’2018, 15th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference we presented validation data with ProCap for windturbines.


For an accurate prediction of the complex flow conditions in wind farms, model scale wake flow measurements represent important references in well-defined boundary conditions. State-of-the art flow measurement techniques are often time-expensive and require elaborate post-processing to assess the data quality. In this wind tunnel study we demonstrate the advantages of the real-time-response system Probe Capture (ProCap) for measurements of a complex three-dimensional wind turbine wake flow. The complex wake flow behind a yawed model wind turbine is measured with both a Laser-Doppler Anemometer (LDA) and the ProCap system. Both the streamwise and vertical flow component show an accurate agreement with the LDA reference experiment for various measured downstream distances and turbine yaw angles. Areas of strong rotation in the wake flow are accurately resolved by the ProCap measurement system confirming its applicability for wind turbine wake measurement. The system appears to greatly facilitate and speed up larger wake surveys by a factor of 30 and thus has the potential to enhance the understanding of the complex flow topology in wind turbine wakes.

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