streamwise attached on Siemens MindSphere

streamwise attached on Siemens MindSphere

A complete package to get machine operation tracked!

Data availability: Non-invasive sensor records emission pattern

Connected: Pre-configured Siemens edge-box and cloud solution

Quick results: Basic set of analytics allows easy operation monitoring

Scalable: Single machine or fleet application


Machine performance based on emission pattern

Operations and life cycle can be monitored from machine emissions

Trend monitor on Siemens MindSphere cloud

Efficient digital analysis, diagnosis and smart trend monitoring of machine operation by streamwise application package on Siemens MindSphere cloud

Monitor package for single machine or fleet application

Quick-start with a single pilot installation or we can move you on to monitor your entire fleet

streamwise attached application

Transparent costs and minimal setup time

A unique pre-configured package including emission sensor, edge-device and data transmission, storage and analytics allows to set-up a pilot quickly and at fixed costs.

The streamwise cloud-based trend monitor

From day one on, our non-intrusive emission pattern monitor analyses emission signals, monitors operation patterns and derives key performance indicators based on digital analysis, diagnosis and trend monitoring on the MindSphere platform.

With streamwise from single machine to fleet application

Learn from a single machine pilot installation and we may roll out to the complete fleet. The simple, scalable installation of the attached system is the basis to monitor operation and predict machine trends. Aggregation of machine and fleet data allows us the prediction of lifecycle incidents and we may help to manage spare parts and tools inventory, as well as service planning and execution improvement.