Digital operation emission monitor

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Machine performance based on emission pattern

Machine operation follows varying pattern. Pattern impact machine performance, lifetime and quality and can be monitored by machine emission

Cloud based trend monitor

Independent of machine types, emission pattern captured by streamwise attached enables digital analysis, diagnosis and trend monitoring of machine operation efficiently

Single machine and fleet application

This way a single machine or a complete fleet can be digitally monitored and analyzed by our non-intrusive and robust digital monitor. Simple to install the attached system learns and predicts machine trends, performance degradation and lifecycle events


  • Non-intrusive wireless machine monitor with data storage and battery, it captures emission time series for temperature, humidity, acceleration, magnetic field, pressure, noise & light
  • streamwise designs algorithms which identify pattern and correlations between the different sensor signals
  • We tailor on- and off-board data reduction, calibration, storage, pattern and event detection with a physical and statistical hybrid approach
  • The counting of operation events like start/stop and the training of machine learning algorithms on trends & multiple events enables direct monitoring of machine health,
    operations KPI and alarms
  • Aggregation of machine and fleet data enables prediction of lifecycle incidents
  • Consequently the management of spare parts and tools inventory, as well as service planning and execution improves
  • We build our solution on Siemens Mindsphere and Microsoft Azure IoT Platforms