Fluid Services

streamwise provides innovation and problem-tailored advice in thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Analytical thinking, experimental testing, and computational methods are our tools. Based on analytical/empirical models we efficiently identify the optimization potential in terms of time and money. We design, plan and perform experimental and numerical (CFD) campaigns and set up your measurements to validate simulations. And we never lose sight of the goal: providing you with a solution.


By linking science with industrial reality we mean to pick-up research level technologies and bring them to a commercial standard. Thinking out of the box and the clever adoption of available components can lead to surprisingly efficient solutions. Sensor prototyping, advanced flow visualization and image processing is where we feel at home. For your specific thermo- and fluid-measurement task we adapt or develop from scratch the ideal sensor technology. This can be in the form of a prototype for development or a turnkey system for routine measurements.

Data analytics

Data analytics is the logical consequence of our work as engineers. The increasing availability of data down to a component level provides new opportunities for system monitoring and prediction. System performance and failures become predictable and can be prevented. Our data-driven approach offers new service models and business opportunities over the entire product life-cycle. State-of-the-art analysis tools are a requirement. Our basis will be both a sound understanding of the physics and the data based product life-cycle analytics.


We give you access to more than 50 years of combined expertise in fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. As we founded streamwise as spin-off of the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at ETH Zurich, we effectively think, live, and breathe fluid dynamics. We keep up with the latest developments, think hard and fast, and implement a hands-on approach that makes a prototype work. We can do those things efficiently, because our engineers include both experimental and numerical experts. If specific know-how outside our own expertise is required, we can mobilize our network to bring the required knowledge to the table.

Dealing efficiently with fluid dynamics always requires a well-balanced combination of empirical expertise, experimental know-how and simulation. We are successful at what we are doing because we are equally at home in CFD and flow measurements. Be it for analysis and design, computer simulation, optical sensing or experimental verification you will have an expert working on your solution.