We were founded 2010 as spin-off from the Institute of Fluid Dynamics at ETH Zurich. Requests from industry for fluid-dynamical engineering and problem solving were the seeds of the company. From day one, we were committed to delivering specific know-how and sound concepts to industrial projects. In 2012 we developed the first prototype of our wireless oxygen sensor together with a partner in the packaging industry. This was also the onset of the still ongoing development of customized wireless sensor solutions.

We have since used wireless sensors in various measurement tasks for our customers. In 2013 we moved to our office in Technopark Zurich. In 2014 and 2015 our staff grew to 5 people. With space requirements increasing, we then moved to our new office on the shores of Lake Zurich in Männedorf. Here we have, at last, a small laboratory and workshop – and a great coffee machine!


Sound fluid dynamic concepts are always based on experience, theoretical knowledge, computer models, and experimental verification. Specialized service providers produce excellent numerical or experimental data but will always miss out on the bigger picture. The customer then needs additional support to assess the often contradictory individual results.

Our vision is to be your single contact point for fluid dynamics. We want to understand your requirements in detail before we even start to look for solutions. We want to know the history of your product with all the successful and less successful development steps. We ask you for your cost and design constraints. And then we solve the problem using all our experience, intuition, and creativity. Sometimes the concepts are surprising, and sometimes they are surprisingly simple.

But we are not satisfied with presenting you with a clever concept. We know the hardest part is to get it into the product – with all the constraints regarding manufacturing. To decide which simplifications can be made without weakening the solution is where all our experience comes in. We will work closely with your technicians and engineers to find a practical solution. We are only satisfied, if your customers are happy with your product.


The key to fluid dynamics is a well-balanced relationship between analytical thinking, experience, intuition, simulation, and experimental work. With our team we can provide you with the right mixture.

We are convinced that a small amount of expertise at the right time in the design process is often crucial to the success of a project. We much enjoy brainstorming in a multidisciplinary team and finding the one innovative solution that nobody else thought of.

We are well aware of the high level of confidence that our customers have in our work. We have to earn and build this over time. We want to be a reliable long-term partner that you can call two years later and get a quick answer from.

We are well aware of the high level of confidence our customers put into our work. We have to earn and build this over time. We want to be a reliable long-term partner you can call two years later and get a quick answer.


Andrin Landolt

Dr. sc. ETH | Partner

Experimental and theoretical fluid dynamics | Optical sensors and imaging measurement techniques | Sensor development

Benjamin Rembold

Dr. sc. techn. ETH | Partner

Numerical and theoretical fluid dynamics | CFD-code development | Many years of experience in industrial CFD applications

Stephan Hess

Dr. sc. ETH | Business Partner

Life Cycle Expert | Management of service products | 15 years of service experience in energy industry | data analytics & service strategies | PhD Innovation Management